Churches Together in Hebden Bridge



Twenty five years ago, various members of the clergy and laity of Hebden Royd felt a united front was needed.  A meeting was held and they decided to draw up a Covenant in which the following was agreed on:

  • That the richness of diversity in traditions could complement each other
  • That God was leading them to a greater sharing of their mission to the world
  • That they would undertake to do whatever they could to encourage co-operation in setting up local ecumenical projects
  • That they would act together on social issues when need and opportunity arose
  • That they would encourage all Christians in Hebden Royd and district to support them in the covenant.

The Covenant was signed by all present.

This year, (2013),  after serving the community for a quarter of a century, a re-dedication service was held at Heptonstall church, a new Covenant drawn up and signed again, by some of the original members, and many new ones.
Each season brings a different activity in the area, which is carefully planned and to which everyone is invited.
Some highlights of the year are:

  • Procession of witness on Good Friday
  • Son/sun rise service on Easter morning
  • Harvest Service with collections for local good causes (most recently, food for the Drop-In Centre)
  • Christmas Eve gathering in the square in Hebden Bridge, involving hundreds of local people, a heart-warming event of Christian witness.

Churches Together also plan the Lent house groups, various services and public meetings.  

New members are always very welcome, particularly now when the need for Faith, Hope and Love has never been greater.

Christine Jackson, representative for St.Michael's for Churches Together.


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