St Michael's Graveyard


There are a few things you need to know when using this page to find a grave.

This webpage is based on St Michael's graveyard record books which were water damaged during the Boxing Day floods of 2015. Not all records have been easy to read due to that damage. Fortuneately the official 'burial books' have been archived. Anybody who is researching family history may wish to refer to the official archived records or use an online website that looks into family history.

From the damaged records this database has been constructed. Bear in mind there is most likely to be some spelling mistakes as well as errors deciphering the records. For example is the name Mary or May. It's not always obvious which.

The graveyard is split into 3 sections A, B and C as you will see if you look at the map.

There are three PDF files you can view. The map, burials in name order and burials in grave order.

I suggest you use the following system:

View the 'Burials in name order' to find the grave details. Get the section and grave reference.

You can then look at 'Burials in Grave order' to see who else is buried in the grave.  

You can then look at the map to see where the grave is.

A grave map references example of C.F.24 refers to section C row F grave 24 in the row. 




Work is ongoing to create details of the cremation area in the graveyard.

At some point in the future the headstone inscriptions will be added.

If you spot any descrepencies please let us know. 

Any enquiries to the Vicar Cathy Reardon. Contact details are on the homepage.



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