Street Kids in Congo. Kimbilio Centre.


St. Michael’s Mytholmroyd support a street Kids project in D R Congo, set up by a young man Ian Harvey, serving with Christian Missionary Society (CMS)


Street Kids in Congo.  Kimbilio Centre.

DR Congo has many 1000’s of Street Kids, most of them living rough on the streets because of poverty. Poverty has various roots - civil war, being ex-child soldiers, parents’ death through HIV/Aids, children accused of witchcraft or a new partner rejecting children from the earlier marriage.  In 2009 Ian Harvey (from Manchester) and his African colleagues set up a project in the huge city of Lubumbashi to make contact with street kids. It was called ‘Kimbilio’ (in Swahili = ‘a place to run to for safety’) They have  got to know 30 or 40 and provide them with basic schooling and training, as well as a  bed, food, clothes - all this in a caring family atmosphere. A few they have managed to reunite with their families. During 2010 they made 1000’s of sun-dried clay bricks by hand, and they’ve now completed the first buildings of the centre out on the edge of the city. It’s away from the street gangs and their bad influence, and so gives young people a period of stability, education, Christian teaching and personal care.


Hostel for Girls

In 2014 they added a hostel for girls, and want to develop that side of their work.


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