Prayer Card  

'You are Christ's Body and each one is a part of it'
1 Cor 12:27
So pray daily and for each other

  1. Pray for Cathy, Daniel, Jane, Marcus, Martin and Graham - That God will protect them and fill them with His Spirit.
  2. Pray for the finances of the church - That God will increase our giving and enable us to use the money wisely.
  3. Pray for the St John's Centre project - That God will guide us and give us the resources to do it.
  4. Pray for those who are ill in the church - That God will be especially close to them and their families and that He will bring healing.
  5. Pray for our Deanery and for the leaders of the churches in the valley. That God will bless us and enable us to work together, where we, as individual churches lack resources.
  6. Pray for churches together in Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd - That God will show us what we can do effectively as the whole body of Christ in this area.
  7. Pray for the relationship between St Michael's and St John's that we may develop closer links with one another.
  8. Pray for our young people - That God would bless them and give them a hunger for a deep relationship with Him.
  9. Pray for The Amateurs - That they will be blessed and continue to be an important part of the community.
  10. Pray for the wives group - that they will continue to support women in the church.
  11. Pray for the bereavement support group - that God will help us support  the community in this way.
  12. Pray for all the Groups who hire or use the halls at St Michael's and St John's. May they sense your presence in these buildings and make stronger contacts with your church.
  13. Pray for the flower arrangers - Thank God for the wonderful job they do for both churches and ask him the bless them and increase their numbers.
  14. Pray for the bell ringers - Thank God for those who serve the church in this way. Pray that the group will continue to flourish.
  15. Pray for the caterers - Thank God for those who work so hard to put on meals at St Michael's and St John's. Ask Him to bless them and raise up more people to help them.
  16. Pray for the Church Wardens. Thank God for the wonderful work they do and ask him to bless them richly.

'Like living stones let yourselves be built into a spiritual house.' 1 Peter 2

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